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NGinn Roadmap

(rather a TODO list than a roadmap)

1.BPMN compatibility

Create an import tool that will convert BPMN (xml format) into NGinn process definition language. Find a decent & free BPMN graphic editor and make it work with NGinn


Replace .Net Remoting with WCF.

3.Custom process control/data exchange web services

Auto-generated, strong-typed integration web services for each process hosted in NGinn. Each web service will use data structures defined in the process definition and will allow the client to start a new process instance, update an existing instance and retrieve current process data.
Current status: some preliminary work has been done

4.MS Exchange integration

Provide a set of MS Exchange tasks for performing basic MS Exchange operations (sending/receiving mail, managing calendar and creating Outlook tasks)
Update: see for some work in progress

5.NGinn management/monitoring GUI

Web based user interface for managing and monitoring NGinn operation

6.Active Directory/LDAP integration

Provide a set of tasks for accessing and modifying user information in LDAP / AD databases

7.Basic 'TODO list' application for Nginn

An example implementation of 'user tasks' application that shows how to integrate with NGinn. This could evolve into a full-blown user GUI
Implementation of the WS-HumanTask standard in NGinn and the TODO application

8.Document database support

Enabling NGinn to work with a document database (NoSQL).

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